RoboCup 2019, International Annual Event - Professional Event Photography Sydney.

Sydney and Brisbane Event Photographer, RoboCup2019

It was Australia’s turn to host the Annual International RoboCup Event in 2019, held at the International Convention Centre Sydney. Established in 1997, RoboCup is an international scientific initiative event that promotes AI research and robotics while advancing the state-of-the-art of intelligent robots. RoboCup hosts a vast variety of social, fun but formidable challenging competitions with devisions for all ages, groups and organisations to participate in - A very effective way to promote interest and research in the science, robotics and engineering!

Working along side the professional, thorough and fantastic ICMS Australasia team, Photographer at Large was the RoboCup 2019 official Event Photographer for the 5 days of fun, exciting, challenging and educational science and robotic event!